Improving lives, one tire at a time.

Since 1914, we’ve been focused on making quality tires that meet the needs of today’s drivers, and we’re committed to keeping them safe for years to come.


Innovate. Improve. Repeat.

The technology that goes into our tires plays a crucial role in how your vehicle handles, and we’re committed to improving the quality and safety of our products.


The Power of “AND.”

At Cooper, we’re delivering shareholder value AND addressing environmental and social concerns in the process, AND we’re constantly and relentlessly improving the efficiency of our operations while creating lasting value.

Global demand for natural rubber is rapidly outstripping supply, and Cooper Tire is pushing to improve sustainable rubber yields while protecting human rights and natural resources. From focusing on natural resources to reducing energy and water usage, we're preserving the environment for a greener tomorrow.

Who Are We?

We’re a company who believes that our people are the reason why we continue to make award-winning tires.