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California Privacy Policy


Effective as of January 1, 2023

This California Privacy Policy explains how The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and its affiliates (jointly herein defined as “Goodyear”) collect and process personally identifying information about California residents who are customers, suppliers, or other business contacts and/or who visit Goodyear Web sites, mobile apps, or digital applications (collectively, our “Site(s)”) that display this California Privacy Policy.


Depending on your online and offline interactions with us, Goodyear may collect and process certain categories of personally identifying information (“California PII”), including:

  • Identifiers, including name, alias, address, telephone number, email address, social security number, driver’s license number, VIN, license plate information
  • Financial information, including credit card and bank account information
  • Professional or employment-related information, including employment status, title, position, organization information;
  • Educational information, including education, training, degrees, and professional certifications
  • Internet or other electronic network activity information, including browsing history, IP address, search history, unique identifiers, and information regarding an internet website application, or advertisement
  • Audio, electronic, visual or similar information, * including call recordings, chat transcripts, and CCTV images in connection with secure use of company systems and facilities
  • Geolocation data, if applicable as outlined by specific services you sign up for with Goodyear; and Inferences drawn from the information collected

Certain California PII that Goodyear collects about you may be considered Sensitive PII within the meaning of California Privacy Law, including:

  • Social security, driver’s license, or state identification card, if provided;
  • Financial account information, including debit or credit card number; and
  • Geolocation data.

Goodyear only uses and discloses Sensitive PII as necessary in connection with the performance of services and the provision of goods, compliance with federal, state, or local laws, and as otherwise permitted by California Privacy Law.


Goodyear generally sources the categories of California PII identified above directly from you (for instance, when you provide information as part of a business transaction or otherwise), automatically through the use of cookies and other data collection tools, third party reference agencies and partners, distributors and intermediaries, data analytics providers, and social media networks.


Goodyear uses California PII for:

  • Business purposes, including:
  • Undertaking sales and procurement activities relating to our products and services;
  • Administering our customers and suppliers (e.g. user registration, account opening, credit checks);
  • Managing and enhancing the relationship with our customers and suppliers;
  • Supplying our products and services to our customers (e.g. administering and tracking a purchase, payment, return, warranty or rebate; managing billing and invoicing; arranging for services);
  • Preparing and managing contracts with our customers and suppliers;
  • Monitoring activities at our facilities, including compliance with applicable policies as well as security, health and safety rules in place;
  • Managing and monitoring our IT resources, including infrastructure management & business continuity;
  • Managing and archiving our records;
  • Tracking our activities (measuring sales, number of calls, etc.);
  • Preserving the company’s economic interests;
  • Replying to an official request from a public or judicial authority with the necessary authorization; and
  • Managing legal and regulatory requirements, defending our legal rights and preventing and detecting crime, including regular compliance monitoring.
  • Commercial purposes, including:
  • Marketing our products and services to you;
  • Measuring consumer interest in our various products and services;
  • Improving our existing products and services (or those under development) by means of customer and non-customer surveys, statistics and tests, or requesting feedback on products and services; and
  • Improving the quality of services taking into account preferences in terms of means of communication (phone, email, etc.) and frequency.


  • We disclose identifiers; financial information; internet or other electronic network activity information; geolocation data; and audio, electronic, visual or similar information for the business purposes described above to:
  • Third party service providers that perform data processing activities on our behalf, and subject to appropriate privacy and security obligations;
  • Affiliates and subsidiaries in connection with the performance of transactions and services on Goodyear’s behalf;
  • Government and other authorities as required by law;
  • Potential purchasers and other parties in connection with the sale, purchase or merger of a business; and
  • Others to the extent necessary to comply with applicable law and as otherwise permitted under California Privacy Law.


  • We disclose basic identifying information, device information and other unique identifiers, internet or other network activity, geolocation data, and commercial data (e.g., items left in shopping cart, types of products searched) for the commercial purposes described above to:
  • Analytics providers;
  • Marketing and advertising partners; and
  • Social media networks.


Goodyear retains your California PII for as long as needed or permitted in light of the purpose(s) for which it was obtained. Goodyear has established policies and procedures for the retention of records for an appropriate duration, including retention schedules for categories of records. Retention categories may include records which contain California PII, including identifiers, customer records information, commercial information, and professional information. The length of time California PII is retained will vary depending on the retention period of the category in which such PII is contained. When establishing retention duration for retention categories, Goodyear takes into consideration various criteria, including tax and legal requirements for the retention of records, issues related to the exercise or defense of legal claims, and legitimate business needs. 


Subject to certain exceptions detailed in California Privacy Law, as a California resident, you have the right to request: (i) deletion of your California PII; (ii) correction of inaccurate California PII; (iii) the right to know/ access the categories of California PII that we collect about you, including the specific pieces of California PII, in a portable manner; (iv) the categories of California PII disclosed for a business purpose; and (v) information about the categories of California PII about you that we have shared (as such term is defined under California Privacy Law) and the categories of third parties to whom the California PII was shared.


If you are a California resident and wish to request the exercise of these rights as detailed above or have questions regarding the California PII collected or shared with third parties, please click here or call us at (844) 768-5377. Goodyear may apply any exceptions or other conditions available under law when responding to correction, deletion, or other requests. Goodyear will generally fulfil requests for access, correction, and deletion within 45 days of receiving a valid request. Goodyear may extend the respond time by another 45 days by notifying the individual of the time extension.


In addition to the above, California residents have the right to opt-out of the selling or sharing of their California PII, as such terms are defined under California Privacy Law. To exercise this right, click here. For any Sensitive California PII that we sell or share, California residents also have the right to limit Goodyear’s use or disclosure of such information. To exercise the right to limit, click here.

Goodyear does not sell to or share your information with third parties for monetary consideration. Using Goodyear websites may, however, share PII gathered by cookies and similar tools with third parties for marketing and other purposes, including analytics. We do not knowingly sell or share the California PII of consumers under the age of 16. 

We have configured our cookie management tool to honor opt-out preference signals sent by Global Privacy Control ("GPC") within the browser. Beyond GPC, we do not currently respond to web browser “do not track” signals or other mechanisms that indicate your preference for not having information collected over time and across different Web sites or digital apps following your visit to one of our Sites.

We will not discriminate against you by offering you different pricing or products, or by providing you with a different level or quality of products, based solely upon this request.


To the extent that you elect to designate an authorized agent to make a request on your behalf, they must provide appropriate documentation including written signed permission from you, proof of your identity, and verification of their identity; or a valid, designated power of attorney as defined under the California Probate Code.


We may offer rewards programs that allow participants to earn or otherwise receive discounts when they engage in certain specified activity, such as making a purchase, completing a survey, or entering a sweepstakes. Participation in these programs is voluntary, and our customers always have the option to not supply information and/or to opt out of participating. Information collected via these programs may include email address and other contact information, demographic information, and opinions. Because our programs involve the collection of California PII, they might be interpreted as a “financial incentive” under California law. The value of your California PII to us is related to the value of the perks (e.g., discounts) provided in the program less the expense related to offering those benefits to program participants. To the extent Goodyear engages in financial incentives, we will provide information describing the material terms of the specific program and obtain opt-in consent from users before they participate. Users can opt-out from financial incentive programs at any time by following the instructions provided in such terms.


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