Essential off-roading advice

Who’s ready for some off-road adventure? Hitting the trails in the proper 4x4 vehicle can be lots of fun. But you have to remember that aggressive terrain calls for tires with an aggressive tread. Your vehicle isn’t going to perform its best on dirt, mud and rock without the right set of off-road tires. This article shares a few things to think about before you purchase a set of off-road tires.


There are many different off-road conditions. Sand, dirt, mud, rock and water are all worthy adversaries for off-roaders. You want to know the terrain you’ll face out there so you can buy an appropriate set of off-road tires.

You should also consider how often you’ll be on the trails. If you’re going to split time between on-road and off-road driving, choose tires that feature a tread design with interlocking tread elements. They offer reliable traction for dirt and shallow streams as well as paved surfaces. Take a peek at the Discoverer® AT3™ 4S and the Evolution® MT™ if you’ll be switching between the trail and the pavement.

If you spend more time driving off-road, you should consider extreme terrain tires. They offer aggressive tread patterns and larger lugs that really dig into challenging terrain. The Discoverer® STT Pro™ provides the kind of superior gripping power you’ll need to handle dirt, mud and rock.

Tire Size

Bigger is better when it comes to off-road tires, but your tires must fit the size specifications outlined in your vehicle’s owners manual. As long as they fit, bigger tires will help lift your vehicle higher off the ground. Your vehicle height is essential because you need enough ground clearance to avoid damage from rocks, branches and other debris. Don’t forget about ground clearance when selecting off-road tires.

Tread Patterns

All-terrain tires are the mid-range option for going off-road. They provide an excellent balance of on-road and off-road performance and grip. Plus, all-terrain tires, like the Discoverer® AT3™ family, are a good choice for moderately challenging terrain such as mud, light underbrush and small rocks.

Extreme off road tires, like the Discoverer® STT Pro™, are all about power. They're large, thick and ready for seriously tough terrain. However, extreme off road tires might not be the best when it comes to fuel economy. Why? They're designed to deliver max performance in harsh environments.