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The excitement of new tires

Call us predictable, but we think there's nothing more exciting than buying new tires. But before you purchase your new tires, there are a few things you should consider. We're here to help you out, from knowing the best time to buy new tires to choosing the right set for your vehicle.

When should you buy new tires?

There are several different answers to this very important question. However, here are a few signs that you definitely need to replace your tires:

  • Your current tire tread depth is less than 2/32nds of an inch
  • Refer to and follow the recommendation located in your vehicle owner’s manual. If no recommendation is given, replace any tires that are 10+ years old. Check out our Tire Sidewall Number article to find out when your tires were made
  • You have a puncture greater than a quarter-inch in size
  • If a tire has signs of damage to the tread or sidewall such as cuts, cracks, splits, punctures or bulges

While this is a good start, there are more things to consider. Let’s jump in.

Vehicle type and driving conditions

Tire manufacturers design tires for specific vehicle types. Tires made for a large SUV aren't going to fit a compact car. Plus, different vehicles have different needs. Are you an everyday commuter? Do you take short trips? Or long drives? Are you an off-road driver or a sports car enthusiast? Each answer is going to produce unique tire needs. Tell your tire specialist what and where you drive to get a set that matches your needs. For more information on this subject, check out our Driving Style page.