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The truth about used tires

Cooper Tires does not ever recommend buying used tires. We only recommend buying new tires.

Let’s run through the reasons and factors why you shouldn’t buy used tires.

Previous wear

Consumers should be aware of possible serious risk associated with the installation and use of previously used tires. Tires can be damaged over the course of their service life due to abuse or improper service, poor maintenance, improper repairs, punctures, road hazards, or unsuitable storage conditions. Such damage can eventually lead to tire failure. Only the original owner of a new tire can know the full extent of a particular tire’s service and maintenance, and the conditions of use or abuse the tire has experienced.

Consumers should also be wary of used tires that:

  • May have been used on vehicles involved in an accident
  • May have been used in severe service conditions (e.g. used for off-road, sporting, military or law enforcement purposes)
  • May have been exposed to unusual environmental conditions such as severe storms, floods, fires, etc.