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How much weight is too much weight for your tires?

We can see you now. You’re looking at your vehicle, scratching your head, wondering how much more weight your tires can take. Well, before you jam that last box into your car or squeeze a second ATV into your truck bed, you should check your tire sidewall; look at the max load weight.

What is tire load rating?

It’s simple. Your tire load rating is an index number between 65 and 170, which you can find on the tire sidewall. The index number corresponds to the tire’s load-carrying capacity for a single tire. That’s a fancy way of saying it’s the maximum amount of weight that your tire can support at the maximum inflation pressure. But you can also simply look at the Max Load weight, also on the sidewall of your tire.

Attention pickup truck drivers!

All Light Truck (LT) tires have two numbers in the Tire Load Index. The first number tells you the load capacity when using tires in a single application. The second number, you guessed it, tells you the load capacity when using tires in a dual application.